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Comprehensive Room Concept
The Carpet Concept Acoustic System, CAS, is a comprehensive aesthetic and functional spatial concept. CAS Carpets, Objects and Materials transform floors into acoustic performers for outstanding spatial comfort. They consolidate that acoustic effectiveness. Their tested quality and textile expressiveness set new standards in furnishings.

CAS Carpets
CAS Carpets are acoustically effective carpets whose backs are clad with a specially developed membrane layer as well as felt in different thicknesses. They act as strong absorbers for medium and high frequencies and achieve maximum sound absorption in the frequency range 250 to 1000 Hz that is especially important when it comes to speech. The particular elasticity of the carpets also ensures a pleasant sensation when you stand or walk on them.
CAS Carpets considerably reduce acoustic stress in the office and are thus a prophylactic measure ensuring a healthy working environment.

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Aesthetically sustainable and acoustically effective
CAS Objects are high-performance sound-absorbing panels. As elegantly designed ceiling and wall elements or as room dividers, they contribute to optimised room acoustics. Owing to their specifically developed construction, they achieve particularly efficient sound reduction results. The basic module size of 70 centimetres serves both the aesthetic and acoustic optimisation of interiors. The special property of this design: huge effect with little material input and selected fabrics.

Welcome to CAS Rooms
CAS Rooms turn office areas into creative spaces. The textile room system provides versatile modules for almost all situations of communication as well as being and working together: from acoustically optimised workstations to complete rooms for undisturbed conversations, focused working or relaxed exchange. CAS Rooms is based on a common idea and a product development by Carpet Concept, Lindner Group and GiB – Gesellschaft für innovative Bautechnologie.

Carpet Concept Lookbook


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